Aluminium construction kits for the mega yacht building industry

Snijtechniek Brabant supplies parts and complete construction kits for the mega yacht building industry worldwide. The products are realised in our factory in the Netherlands and are supplied both nationally and internationally. Many yacht builders are regular customers of Snijtechniek Brabant. They know our quality and, together with our work planners, design the parts properly. We help our customers build faster with our smart and progressive working method.

We mill mega yachts with an average lead time within 5 months.

Are you already saving on your construction costs?

Our progressive working method results in an average construction saving of 30% compared to conventional techniques. We offer construction kits with various efficient options that stimulate smart working. For example, we supply construction kits with welding edges and rejuvenations that enable welders to work faster and more efficiently.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we guarantee high-quality construction kits for the mega yacht building industry. We specialise in the manufacture of customer-specific components and help to think along with you about the optimum construction methods.

Our progressive method

With their many years of experience and expertise, our professional work preparers ensure the most favourable layout of your plates with our CAD/CAM software. Subsequently, the parts are realized by means of the most modern printing and milling techniques. In addition, we are also proficient in moulding work, in both 2D and 3D areas. This enables us to provide a total package that is cut and shaped, allowing our customers to continue directly in the construction process. Efficiency is central to our process.


Sustainable production

Having your building kit milled at Snijtechniek Brabant is a sustainable choice. With milling we produce a lot less CO2 emissions and the residual product is fully recycled. By directly milling welding edges and rejuvenations to it, your welders can work faster and healthier. Because Snijtechniek Brabant mills dry, without cooling or lubrication, the welding process and paint systems are free of contamination. In addition, our cutting kits are provided with printed welding lengths and QR codes, so that parts are easier to recognise and place. We sort in consultation and according to the customer's specifications. With this method and technique you save a lot of time and production costs. Because we are continuously improving our sustainability, we are corporate partners of Water Revolution Foundation. Read more about this partnership below.

Working together with Snijtechniek

Would you like to get acquainted with our way of working? Please feel free to contact us.


Partnership Water Revolution Foundation

“Snijtechniek Brabant as a corporate partner of the Water Revolution Foundation means that we want to be an exemplary in being the sustainable supplier for the yacht industry by milling aluminium in an innovative way to make the planet great again. “

Snijtechniek Brabant is a corporate partner of Water Revolution Foundation. The aim of Water Revolution Foundation is to neutralise the footprint of the yacht industry and preserve the world's precious oceans. We want to play a role in this in order to set an example as a sustainable supplier to the yacht industry with our innovative production method.   

Read more about our sustainability
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