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All steps in our working method are used efficiently and carefully. We continue to immerse ourselves in the latest technologies in the field of sustainability and innovation. In this way, we always work one step ahead. 

Snijtechniek Brabant | Experience smart industry

A construction saving of 30% with our smart working method

Our smart process

By directly milling weld edges, rejuvenations or other options to it, we save a lot of time in the production of our customers with the milling process. These innovative options are not possible with conventional techniques. By means of 3d milling with our 5-axis automated machines, we are able to produce parts in a flexible way. Our 8000x2500mm colour printer allows us to print on both sides of the plate and in colour. We can also print weld lengths and QR codes. This saves a lot of time for the builders. We sort in consultation and according to the customer's specifications. All parts can be traced with the Snijtechniek Brabant App, both on part and certificate level.


Working with the latest technologies

At Snijtechniek Brabant, we work with the latest technologies. Among other things, we use measurements by means of sensors in combination with Power BI. This makes it possible to carry out preventively smart maintenance. These measurements allow us to continuously see visually where maintenance is required. Through Power BI we also use a smart planning system, which gives us a continuous visual overview of the current state of the situation. Not only do we perform these measurements for internal improvements, but we also measure things towards the customer in order to continuously improve and adjust. Furthermore, we work virtually paperless. Everything is stored in our secure Cloud environment.


We think along with our customers. We do this by working closely together for innovations and improvements. We also work significantly with our suppliers to create an optimal flow in our material supply.


Possibilities / advantages of 3D milling

  • 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • Milling double curved surfaces
  • Drilling
  • Tap
  • Welding edges
  • Milling rooms
  • Sovereign Milling
  • Broaching
  • Follow 3D contours
  • Radius cutters (concave and convex)
  • Slot milling
  • Clean sides
  • Hooks
  • Smart connections
  • High tolerance
  • No heat input
  • No shrinkage

Thinking quality?

Snijtechniek Brabant delivers craftsmanship. Looking for a serious partner in milling? We will be delighted to answer all your questions. 

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