Quality aluminium milling at Snijtechniek Brabant

Our building kits are realised by means of the most modern milling techniques. Because almost no heat is used, there is no more tension in the parts. In this way, the material properties are optimally retained. In addition, we are able to mill complex parts in 3D using our 5-axis machines. Not only is the latest milling technique extremely accurate, but having your construction kit milled is also a sustainable solution. 

Snijtechniek Brabant | Aluminium milling

Our working method ensures right-angled parts up to a 10th mm accurate.

Working method Snijtechniek Brabant

Our cutting packages are realised by means of the most modern milling techniques. The milling process is at all times perpendicular and clean, which means that clean grinding is not necessary, so that welding can be done immediately. By means of 3d milling with our 5-axis machines, we are able to manufacture accurate and complex parts. And by directly milling weld edges and rejuvenations, our customers' welders can work faster, more efficiently and healthier. Furthermore, the milling process does not bring any heat into the product, which weakens and shrinks the material. Because Snijtechniek Brabant mills dry, without cooling or lubrication, the welding process and the paint systems do not suffer from contamination. Because of the clean milling work, less energy is needed for welding, which allows tighter construction. For this reason, the weld quality is considerably higher and there is less need to be filled than with conventional cutting techniques. 

The latest milling technique is not only extremely accurate, but also extremely sustainable. The way in which we mill aluminium means that 30% less energy is needed to process the material. There is no combustion of gases, so no harmful emissions. All waste is fully recycled. Experience our sustainable way of working. 


Advantages of aluminium

We mainly process aluminium. The popularity of this material is easy to explain. Among other things because of its light weight. However, this does not detract from the strength of the material, aluminium is very strong. Another important advantage is that the material is corrosion resistant. This makes the material suitable for load-bearing structures, aluminum is widely used in various sectors. With the latest milling machine, we are leading in the field of aluminium milling. Our latest aluminium milling machine provides the ultimate machining for aluminium sheets by means of the dry-free technique.


Possibilities / advantages of 3D milling

  • 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • Milling double curved surfaces
  • Drilling
  • Tap
  • Welding edges
  • Milling rooms
  • Sovereign Milling
  • Broaching
  • Follow 3D contours
  • Radius cutters (concave and convex)
  • Slot milling
  • Clean sides
  • Hooks
  • Smart connections
  • High tolerance
  • No heat input
  • No shrinkage

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