Build smarter and more efficiently?

From work preparations to transport. Snijtechniek Brabant thinks along with you and even one step beyond. Thanks to our approach, you can not only build smarter, but also a lot more efficiently. This approach will save you up to 30% in costs through to our modern milling technology. That is what we call sustainable building.


Mill and forming machine park of no less than 10.000 square meters

Collaborating with Snijtechniek Brabant

Snijtechniek Brabant supplies made-to-measure building kits and parts in various markets. A sustainable product, from material to processing. Our working method ensures a high-quality product. How do we do that? Follow our process in the steps below. 

Supplier of aluminum plates

We provide you with the highest quality of aluminium plates. These plates are exclusively certified high-quality aluminum.

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Efficient work preparation

After your drawings have been submitted, the workplanners will start working on them. With their years of experience and expertise, our professional work preparers ensure the most favourable layout of your plates. By efficiently dividing the created aluminium parts into the right plate(s), the material is used optimally.

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Flatbed printer

Our flatbed printers of 8,000 x 2,500mm allow us to print marking lines on both sides of the plate in different thicknesses and colours on the materials. Pictures of 72 dpi, construction drawings or logos can be printed on any part with our colour printer. We can also digitally share information via printed QR codes. By means of a QR code, we ensure that the necessary information is available to users via digital construction drawings, certificates and 3D drawings. 

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Aluminium milling

Our building kits are realised by means of the most modern milling techniques. Because almost no heat is used, there is no more tension in the parts. In this way, the material properties are optimally retained. In addition, we are able to mill complex parts in 3D using our 5-axis machines. Not only is the latest milling technique extremely accurate, but having your construction kit milled is also a sustainable solution. 

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The cut aluminium parts often need to be formed. In addition to manufacturing the parts, Snijtechniek Brabant is also skilled in moulding, both 2D and 3D. We generate the required moulds and data from the relevant CAD drawings. With this we provide a total package that has been cut and shaped, so you can continue production immediately. 

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Transport and delivery

We deliver the aluminium plates at the door! This ensures the highest quality of the aluminium at all times. We work together with three (national) transporters, each with their own specialism, so that we can offer the best solution for each type of transport.

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